Dates of birth:February 19 – March 20.
The symbol: The Fishes.
The most compatible signs:  Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn.
The most incompatible signs: Gemini and Sagittarius.
Suitable professions: Philanthropy, Artistic fields.
Health problems: blood , pancreas, liver, brain.

Just for Fun

People born under the same sign ‘may’ display some similar basic personality traits. This is just a fun look  at some of those those traits but is in no way a replacement for a helpful, deep, rich and complex Astrology report. Each chart is very distinctive and unique, like a person’s fingerprint. Having your own personal Astrology report is like being given the keys to the blueprint for your individual soul and life.

Pisces Personality Traits:

Pisces sometimes can take the role of a martyr, in order to catch the attention of others. They can be agreeable but suddenly switch on you like the turning of the tides.

The positive traits of Pisces:

Intuitive, spiritual and always there with a kind smile; these are the Pisces characteristics people know and love best. Compassionate Pisces make great friends and a very entertaining dinner date!
Pisces is very adept at “feeling" the undercurrents in the air and will always do or say the right thing in the circumstances. generous, compassionate and extremely faithful and caring. People born under the Pisces sign have an intuitive understanding of the life cycle and thus achieve the best emotional relationship with others.

The negative traits of Pisces:

People of this sign can sometimes swim in deep, murky waters, a trait that they often internalise. It’s rare to see Pisces complain; they usually hold their conflict in until it overtakes them and they simply swim away to avoid conflict. This can make it difficult to resolve and issues you may have with a Pisces.

Some personality traits of Pisces.

Pisces is an exemplary model of water’s nature because people of this sign are adaptive and movable. Their psychology is driven by intuitions and emotion more than heady logic. Although some people may consider this a very negative trait and believe it to be an entirely irrational way to live, this is actually not the case when your instincts are good. There are many, many intelligent Pisces’ walking the earth.

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