The Mars Effect

astrology and physical chracteristics

The Mars Effect. Born when Mars peaked- grab your running shoes or run barefoot!

The Mars effect is a statistical correlation between athletic eminence and the position of the planet Mars relative to the horizon at time and place of birth. Although there has been some disagreement on how the statistics should be gathered (data being gathered only for people were only born in the
key sector of Mars), however overall, statistically significant numbers of sports champions were born just after the planet Mars rises or culminates is now the accepted outcome of many studies conducted on this matter, regardless of arguments on how the data should be sorted.

For some strange and as yet unexplained reason, the data does not seemed to be able to be proven using American athletes born after 1950 but still seems to hold true for great athletes born in every other country in the world! Even their Canadian cousins.

Trust America to be different!

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