How the Moon Affects You

The moon affects us

Does the moon affect you?

7 quick thoughts on how the moon may affect the human body

The Full Moon Increases Fertility And Births.
The Full Moon Controls Menstruation.
The Moon Can Trigger Epileptic Seizures.
The Moon Causes Sleep Deprivation.
The Full Moon Makes Us Crazy.
The Full Moon Causes Animal Attacks.
The Full Moon Causes Blood Loss After Surgery.

Studies have confirmed and also refuted all of the above but many of us, from personal experience alone can state that they believe the above to be true.

I worked as a mental health nurse many years ago and can confirm that people seem to be more troubled the day before a full moon and medication dispensing rose and did not subside, until the full moon has passed.

I know people who suffer with epilepsy who also noticed a pattern and are very careful with themselves leading up to a full moon.

Several hospital’s in the UK took part in a study cited in The British Medical Journal which concluded that there were more visits to A&E in British hospitals during a full moon due to animal bites.

If I (or members of my family and friends) suffer with insomnia, I always suggest that they check the moon phase. 9/10 it seems to occur the day before or one the night of a full moon.

What do you think? Does the moon affect you? Do our expectations influence our perceptions or does the moon effect you?

Is the moon effecting you? Find out more.

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