High Court ruled that Astrology is a science

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Astrology is a science. Opinions regarding Astrology vary enormously throughout the world. Some nations think of it as a ‘bit of harmless fun however, many more take it much more seriously!

In February 2011, the Bombay High Court ruled that, astrology is indeed a science! Government Deputy Drug Controller, Dr R Ramakrishna specifically excluded astrology from India’s Drugs and Magical Remedies Act (Objectionable Advertisements), 1954 which bans false advertising. He said: “Astrology is a trusted science and is being practiced for over 400 years." It is not uncommon in India to retain a family Astrologer who is consulted on a regular basis. No important event is ever undertaken without checking in with their Astrologer, to ensure the smoothest path is taken to achieve the very best outcome.

Can the science of astrology help you? 

Babies born in the summer

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Summer Baby? A study undertaken by Professor Douglas McMahon in December 2010 was published in Nature Neuroscience recently. The study concluded that babies born in the summer were more likely to grow up with an cheerful optimistic outlook on life, while winter babies were more likely to suffer depression and pessimism. He feels that this is due to something to do with an exaggerated response to seasonal affective disorder.

Does this ring true with you or your observations of those around you?

Are you, or you having a summer or winter baby? Will your child have an advantage?

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