Dates of birth: March 21st – April 20th.
The symbol: the Ram.
The most compatible signs: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Leo.
The most incompatible signs: Scorpio, Gemini, Pisces and Cancer.
Suitable professions: Politics, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs.
Health problems: Migraines, Autoimmune issues, Depression and Headaches.

Aries Personality Traits

Just for Fun!

People born under the same sign ‘may’ display some similar basic personality traits. This is just a fun look at some of those those traits but is in no way a replacement for a helpful, deep, rich and complex Astrology report. Each chart is very distinctive and unique, like a person’s fingerprint. Having you own personal Astrology report is like being given the keys to the blueprint for your individual soul and life.

The youngest and first sign of the Zodiac is Aries, people who have dates of birth between March 21st and April 20th are considered as Aries. Overall, Aries people often exhibit powerful and strong characteristics. Once they set goals you can bet that an Aries will move heaven and earth in order to reach their goals. With boundless energy and often a willpower of steel…mostly. In any aspect in life, they do not hesitate to show fierce courage and determination; they will defend their family, friends, clan or tribe to the death if needs be, so all Aries have great potential to be remarkable leaders and protectors.

When faced with obstacles, Aries people will never run and hide, they will face them head on with grit and determination that has to be admired. It is no accident the Aries is symbolised by the Ram! An Aries loves to explore and is always eager to discover new and unusual things. Whilst at times you could be forgiven for thinking of an Aries as very ‘business like and to the point’, anyone who takes the time to get to know them is often surprised at their creativity, flare and imagination.

The positive traits of Aries:

One of the nicest traits of Aries people is that they are always first in line and happy to help other people. In addition, they will try their best to prove their abilities in work so that their bosses and co-workers can’t help but admire their talents. There is an aura of excitement around them that makes most Aries people a dynamic and fun person to be around. Lots of Aries individuals will find it easy to become successful leaders in life in whatever form or filed they choose to pursue.

The negative traits of Aries:

In work and career, Aries people tend to dominate other people as Aries thinks they know best (and they often do but still…). This can harm their reputation and cause others to view them as bullies which is far from the truth. If you are lucky enough (or unlucky enough, as the case may be if you disagree) to have an Aries for a boss, don’t try to argue with them. Wait for a suitable moment to express your opinions calmly and you will be heard. JUST DON’T SHOUT.

Some personality traits of Aries

Leadership: Aries people are born leaders – no question.
Courage: both Aries men and women do not waste time in analysing what the consequences may be. They dare to achieve everything they believe.
Intelligence: most Aries people are intelligent by nature. They are also often quick witted.
A sense of adventure: all people born under this sign are fond of expanding their horizons in some way such as travel,an Aries can be a stickler for the rules one minute then throwing caution to the wind to experience the enjoyments of life the next.
Aggressiveness: Aries people can suddenly be extremely childlike. They can express a little aggressiveness if their work is not meeting their expectation. However, some Aries men are described as “go-getters, that would step on their Grandmas head to get a promotion".
They will never admit to, or give into being stressed and tired till their tasks/goals are completed. That is one of the reasons why most Aries people end up a success.
Childlike: Aries rarely loose their sense of wonder and often have many and varied interests. Many born under this sign are life long learners and it’s not at all unusual to find an Aries in their 60’s,70’s or even 80’s studying for a master degree or at night school learning a new language.

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