With a career spanning more than 25 years, DeAna is a renowned professional astrologer with exceptional intuition. She has read the stars for politicians, celebrities and business magnates. She has been featured and tested on live stream television and her extraordinary ability has been covered by the press many times over the years. DeAna says "astrology can be a fantastic tool for living a fun, successful and fulfilling life! My method is based on interpretation of charts, energies, and years of experience in guiding people through difficult situations”. DeAna has been featured on the Big Breakfast, the Chris Moyles show on BBC radio, the Zoe Ball show on XFM, and was the 8 times winner on Sky TV's "Mystic Challenge". DeAna also wrote a regular column for Spirit & Destiny magazine.

Celebrity Quotes

*Germaine Greer:
The facts she picked up on were quite incredible!
*Nicola Duffet, Debbie from Eastenders:
I was a sceptic before. DeAna freaked me out!
*Danielle Henry, Letecia from Emmerdale:
I was completely cynical at first but DeAna was so accurate, it was actually quite shocking, in a good way. DeAna was spot on!
*Stephanie Beecham: (Quote from Mystic Challenge where only an object and D.O.B was provided)
Unbelievable, without being told, she knew my name!
*Cheryl Baker:
I cant believe she knew my secret life long ambition!
*Lady Bounivita Buck:
She is very, very good and so accurate!
*Henry Cooper, ex British boxing champ:
I dont know how she knew all that, I am very impressed!
*Shauna Lowry:
I'm a bit of a skeptic BUT, I cant believe it! DeAna's reading was very accurate.
*Zoe Ball:
OMG! This is freaking me out, how do you know all this?

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